Reproducible Science

To enable reproducible science, we list some of the key scripts, source code, and other calculation tools that we used in our publications from 2016 onwards. We also list which commercial software we have used. Please contact us if you cannot find the information that you are looking for here. We will try to make it available through other means, unless it is proprietary data.


Although we did our best to test and validate the software that can be downloaded on this page, bear in mind that this is research software. Hence we do not accept any liability for it and do not provide any guarantees whatsoever about the accuracy the software, or its efficiency, or the correctness of the generated results. We also have limited resources providing user support. Please use any code, scripts, etc. that you download from this site sensibly and at your own risk. We also appreciate if you cite the corresponding papers if you use our code in your research.