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The Carbonate Reservoir Group at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering is world-renowned for its applied and fundamental research on improving the predictability of hydrocarbon recovery from carbonate reservoirs.


Analytical Solutions for Co- and Counter-Current Imbibition

Below are Excel spreadsheets and Matlab scripts that enable the calculation of the analytical solutions discussed in Schmid and Geiger (2012, 2013) for co- and counter-current imbibition and in March et al. (2016) for accurate early- and late-time modelling of imbibition. For details of how to use the Excel spreadsheets please see Schmid et al. (to appear), for the Matlab script see March et al. (2016).


Excel spreadsheet for modelling co-current imbibition

Excel spreadsheet for modelling counter-current imbibition

Matlab script for modelling counter-current imbibition at early and late time (rename to a *.m file).

Matlab script ("main file") for calling the above imbibition script (rename to a *.m file).


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