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The Carbonate Reservoir Group at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering is world-renowned for its applied and fundamental research on improving the predictability of hydrocarbon recovery from carbonate reservoirs.

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May and June 2015

The ICCR team is growing: We welcome Dr Stephanie Zihms, Dima Petrovsky, Nathalia Passos and Jane Wells to the growing ICCR team. Jane will be providing essential administrative support, Stephanie will be working as a postdoctoral researcher on carboante reservoir geomechanics, Dima will be doing his PhD at ICCR working on pore-scale modelling and Nathalia, who will stay with us for 12 months, will developing numerical methods to simulate multi-phase flow in structurally complex and deforming geological formations.

January 2015

Congratulations, welcomes, and goodbyes: Congratulations to Tannaz Pak, who successfully defended her PhD thesis at ICCR. Well done, Dr Pak. Then we say welcome to Emmanuel Ibiam, who has joined us with a PTDF scholarship to work on optimising EOR processes under geological uncertainty. Last we say good bye to Daniel Schulte, who stayed with us for the past 7 months as a visiting PhD student from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany.

New book on carbonate reservoirs: A new book on carbonate reservoirs, published by the Geological Society of London and edited by Susan Agar and Sebastian Geiger, has just been published. The book, entitled "Fundamental Controls on Fluid Flow in Carbonates: Current Workflows to Emerging Technologies" highlights key challenges for fluid-flow prediction in carbonate reservoirs, the approaches currently employed to address these challenges and developments in fundamental science and technology. The details can be found here.


ICCR Phase 2 has been launchend: A number of researchers from the carbonate reservoir group flew out to Rio de Janeiro Brazil to launch Phase II of ICCR. Phase II will involve academics from University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford and Heriot-Watt University, working in close collaboration with researchers from Petrobras and BG Group and liaising with other academics from Brazil to improve our understanding of the formation of carbonate lithologies offshore Brazil and how these lithologies respond to recovery processes.


November 2014

Dr Zhao Zhang and David Egya have joined the Carbonate Reservoir Group. Zhao, who has recently obtained his PhD degree from Loughborough University, will be developing fast meshing and simulation methods in the RRM project while David, who has an MSc degree from LSBU and worked several years for SAIPEM, will be studying recovery processes in tight reservoirs.

Sebastian spent an enjoyable week at ADIPEC, leading one of its panel discussions. The official Twitter updates from ADIPEC can be found here.

ADIPEC on Twitter

October 2014

Congratulations to yet another PhD student graduating from the Carbonates Reservoir Group in 2014. Here is Robert, celebrating his freshly minted PhD with the customary hat. Well done, Dr Annewandter!


September 2014

There have been a number of changes recently in the Carbonate Reservoir group. We sadly say good bye to Dr Qing Wang, Mohamed Ahmed, Christine Maier, and Santhi Chandra, who are now progressing their careers overseas after their successful time at the carbonate reservoir group. Thank you all for your excellent work!

We also say hello to Tianshen Huang, who joined us as a new PhD student from China to work on multi-scale pore-network reconstruction, Rafael March, who joined us as a new PhD student from Brazil to work on multi-rate dual-porosity modelling and CO2 migration in fractured geological formations, and Adnan Al-Maqbali, who joined us as a new PhD student from Oman to work on simulating and upscaling EOR processes in fractured carbonate formations. Welcome to all three of you, we are looking forward to working with you over the next three years!

August 2014

And they keep on coming: Santhi successfully defended her PhD thesis and is the latest graduate oft he Carbonate Reservoir Group (and the 3rd this year). Congratulations Dr Chandra-Klimm!

santhi viva

July 2014

Christine has successfully defended her thesis and is now also a proud owner of a custom-made PhD hat from the Carbonate Reservoir Group. Congratulations Dr Maier.

christine viva

July 2014

The Rapid Reservoir Modelling project is being launched in collaboration with University of Calgary, Imperial College London and Federal University of Pernambuco. See the official Heriot-Watt University News for further details and our Job Opportunity site for related vacancies.

June 2014

Mohamed successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr Ahmed!

Viva Mohamed

May 2014

PhD student Alessandro Mangione has won one of the three Best Student Paper Prizes at EAGE’s 76th Annual Conference & Exhibition for his Paper "Synthetic Diagenesis: The Key to Carbonate Systems in Basin Modelling". The 76th Annual EAGE Conference & Exhibition will be held in Amsterdam in June 2014. Congratulations Alessandro!

Patrick Corbett is starting his 2014 AAPG Distinguished Lecture tour, which will take him to Spain, France, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, and Scotland. He will be giving two talks "Is our Carbonate Reservoir Fractured?" and "Closing the loop between geology and reservoir engineering in the building, calibration and history-matching of carbonate reservoir models".

March 2014

The Carbonate Reservori Group formed part of a Scottish delegation comprising Heriot-Watt University, Strathclyde University and University of Aberdeen, that visited the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi to develop joint research activities to enhance hydrocarbon recovery from carbonate reservoirs.

DSC 8060

February 2014

Prof Dorthe Wildenschild from Oregon State University, the recipient of the 2014 Darcy Lecturer Award, visited the Institute of Petroleum Engineering to talk about "Optimizing capillary trapping as a carbon dioxide mitigation strategy".

January 2014

The annual meeting of the UK Research Network "Porous Media - Processes and Mathematics" at ICMS was well attended, featuring 3 days of talks, training, and workshops.

December 2013

Same procedure as every year: The annual Christmas dinner and visit to the Christmas Market in Edinburgh. Happy Holidays and all the best for 2014 from everyone at the Carbonate Reservoir Group.

Christmas 2013

November 2013

The 1st EAGE/SBGf Workshop on Fractures in Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs in Rio de Janeiro, co-chaired by Patrick Corbett and Paulo-Johann Schroeder from Petrobras, is well attended by the Carbonate Reservoir Group.


October 2013

The Carbonate Reservoir Group, and Prof Eric Mackay, have a strong showing at the 2013 Foundation CMG Summit and even some spare time to enjoy the sights of the Canadian Rockies. Photos from the summit can be found here.

Foundation CMG Summit

Dr Qing Wang from the China University of Petrolume joins the Carbonate Reservoir Group as a postdoctoral researcher.

Dr Florian Doster joins the Carbonate Reservoir Group as a Global Platform Lecturer. Read about it on the Heriot-Watt University News.

September 2013

Carbonate Reservoir Group has a strong showing at the 2013 SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference & Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, see HWU News.


Farewell to Luiz, who is returning to Brazil. Thanks for all your contributions over the last 12 months!

May 2013

Previous PhD student Matteo is now a movie star, featuring in a nice documentary on earthquakes (in German only)

February 2013

Good bye to Adan, who has left Edinburgh (and the UK after over 7 years) to take up his new job with PDO. Good luck with that - and thanks a lot for all your great work!

January 2013

Adnan successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Al-Dhahli!

adnan viva

January 2013

The PMPM research network holds its inaugural meeting at the International Centre of Mathematics in Edinburgh.

December 2012

We held a successful annual ICCR Conference in Rio de Janeiro, including a field trip and teaching 4 short courses to researchers from academia and industry. A big thanks to Leonardo Borghi and UFRJ for hosting us and running the field trip!


Good bye to Chen, who is returning to China after working with us for one year. Thanks for all the excellent contributions.

The group holds their annual Christmas dinner and visit to the German Christmas market.


November 2012

Shanti and Bernd are getting married in India. Our very best congratulations to the newly-weds, may they have a long and happy live together!

October 2012

Dr Luiz Fernando de Lima Luz joins the team as an academic visitor for 12 months from the Federal University of Parana in Brazil. Welcome Luiz!

Gabriel Lord (Department of Mathematics) and Sebastian launch the Porous Media - Processes and Mathematics (PMPM) initiative. Read the press release here.

August 2012

Ayman Ahmed Elfeel joins the team as another early career researcher in carbonate reservoir simulation — you can never start too early. Welcome Ayman and our very best congratulations to the proud parents, Mohamed and Ala!

July 2012

Shanti leaves for an internship at BG Group in Reading.

The joint AAPG-SPE-SEG Hedberg Research Conference "Fundamental Controls of Flow in Carbonates", chaired by Sebastian Geiger and Susan Agar (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company and Honorary Professor at IPE) was a great success.


June 2012

Farewell to Yan, who has taken up his new position at ExxonMobil Upstream Research in Houston, Texas.

Congratulations to Grant, who successfully defended his PhD thesis at University of Edinburgh!

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, David McAllister, visits Heriot-Watt University to learn about research on natural gas production from carbonate reservoirs in Germany and to sign a collaboration agreement between German universities, University of Edinburgh, and Heriot-Watt University. Read the press release here.


May 2012

We welcome Alessandro Mangione, who will be working with us on basin modelling as part of ICCR.

April 2012

Robert returns from LBNL, welcome back!

Farewell to Karen, who has taken up her new position at the Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems at University of Stuttgart.

Yan successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Zaretskiy!

yan viva

Distance Learning MSc student Andres Chima from Chevron, who worked with the Carbonate Reservoir Group for his MSc project, sets a great example for all MSc students at IPE and presents the his MSc research on "Analytical equation to predict gas-water relative permeability curves in fractures" at the SPE Latin American and Caribbean Petroleum Engineering Conference.


March 2012

Karen has successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr Schmid!

karen viva

February 2012

Simeon has joined the team to start his PhD degree in carbonate reservoir simulation. Welcome Simeon!

Sebastian holds his inaugural lecture on "Mathematical rocks: from the world’s largest oil reservoirs to explosive volcanoes".


December 2011

Fuzhen Chen joins the team for one year as an exchange PhD student from the China University of Petroleum. Welcome Fuzhen!

November 2011

Anton Zaretskiy, weighing 3.5 kg and measuring 50 cm, joins the team as its youngest ever (!) member. Welcome Anton and our very best congratulations to the proud parents, Ian and Inga!

Robert leaves for an internship at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

October 2011

Adnan, Shanti, Pat and Sebastian represent IPE at the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference in Abu Dhabi, giving 3 papers and 5 talks and participating in a panel discussion.


Yan, Mohamed, Robert, Daniel and Sebastian attend the CSMP developers workshop.

Susan Agar becomes an Honorary Professor at IPE to recognise her research leadership in the area of carbonate reservoir modelling. Congratulations, Susan!

September 2011

Christine returns from ExxonMobil — welcome back!

May 2011

Mohamed Ahmed joins the team as the Ali Danesh scholar — welcome!

Tannaz Pak joins the team as part of ICCR — welcome!

Christine starts internship with ExxonMobil.

June 2011

The joint AAPG-SPE-SEG Hedberg Research Conference on" Fundamental Controls of Flow in Carbonates" is now open for applications.

Claudia returns from ExxonMobil — welcome back!